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Exclusive Interview with Billy Bussey

Billy Bussey Interviews Sep 03, 2004

Billy Bussey

One of the foremost Flash designers of today, Billy Bussey has made designs for many well-known companies and individuals, including CBS, Fox, Warner Brothers, Sprite, GE, Merck, Tommy Boy Records, Hyundai, Smirnoff Ice, Coolio, and Michael Jordan. And as if that weren't enough, he has now collaborated on a book: New Masters of Flash, Vol. 3, which was released in August. What's more, although this twenty-seven-year-old Flash guru has no formal design education, he often lectures at symposiums and web design seminars.

WDL: What was your starting point in web design?

Billy Bussey: After a failed video production career, I actually found a "Flash 3" CD that was hidden in a stack of audio CDs at a friend's house. Even though I didn't know what it was then, I asked for it, and he handed it over not knowing what it was. I played with it for a few days, and honest to god, a friend called and asked if I knew anything about Flash, and if I did, he'd like to hire me to make a site.

WDL: Describe your design style.

Billy Bussey: I'm into 3D and making websites stand out through 3D. Some people call my style a "soft tech look"; I guess it involves blurry robots that glow in the future.

WDL: Where do you find your inspiration?

Billy Bussey: Believe it or not, I rarely find it in anything. It kinda just has to come naturally. Usually if things are going well outside of work, I tend to get motivated to do work.
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WDL: What are your current projects?

Billy Bussey: I have several semi-large projects right now: one being a full Flash site and the others being 3D video work. I can't tell you the names, but they will all be released very soon.

WDL: Which project are you proudest of?

Billy Bussey: I'm not really "proud" of any of my work, but I guess I like the best because it resembles my style and the things I like to create more than any other project of mine.

WDL: What did your very first project look like?

Billy Bussey: My first project was all hand drawn Flash and was terrible. I used about a thousand gradients and tried to make everything look like "metal".

Exclusive Interview with Billy Bussey

WDL: What do you think about people ripping off your ideas?

Billy Bussey: It doesn't bother me in the least. It even helps me a little by forcing me to come up with new ideas so as not to look like my own carbon copies.

WDL: What are the core web design principles we should know about?

Billy Bussey: I didn't realize there were Web Design principles. I just try to make cool stuff and hope people like it a little.

WDL: What are some of the common mistakes beginners make when designing their websites?

Billy Bussey: They try to compete with other developers, instead of focusing on their own talents and style.

WDL: What software can't you live without?

Billy Bussey: 3ds max

WDL: What designs do you like the most and why?

Billy Bussey: The ones that I never would have thought of. They remind me to be open-minded about design.

WDL: Name some of the designers whose works you consider admirable or distinctive.

Billy Bussey: All the really talented motion graphics companies who have demo reels that make me depressed. ;)

WDL: Thank you for your time!

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