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Template Monster Launches Premium Design Templates

Reiven Interviews Jan 16, 2008 offers a special collection of Premium Templates - especially enhanced products that are the result of a collaboration of many professionals in different spheres - including 3D artists, illustrators and designers.

Each new template produced for this category has been treated as a separate project from the very beginning, making each one unique with it's own concept and look. Each project in turn has involved illustrators, artists and 3D experts (see the presentation). That is why each of these templates' elements has been carefully examined and tested thoroughly. Every one of these designs is an individually produced product - which constitutes a revolutionary approach to the production process.

Visit this free web templates resource just to feel the difference and justify the money you've paid for a premium web design :)


TemplateMonster - is our anchor. It is a first-rate E-commerce project in web design. Started in 2002 as a project of Artvertex, Inc., it was the first company to offer high quality website templates. enjoys more than 30,000 unique visitors daily, and consistently numbers among the top 1,000 most popular websites on the Internet.


Dustin Kein

Dustin Kein is an editor at Web Design Library. He's in charge of selecting materials for the PhotoShop and HTML sections of this site. From time to time Dustin contributes some of his tutorials to WDL in order to cover the most actual topics for WDL visitors. Besides this, he's an active forum member whose posts are always helpful, concise and timely.

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