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Making a 3D Font Text Effects Apr 26, 2005

Make your fonts 3D!!!

  • Find a place where you want your 3D-font...
  • Then place your text (any font, any size) in any colour or style you like...

    (note: no outer styles like stroke, outer glow or drop shadow!!!)

    image 1

  • Create a layer under your text-layer and merge them together, no transform the perspective like the picture below:
  • Duplicate the perspective-text-layer and click the first layer and press "DOWN" 30 times!

    image 2

  • GOTO Filter>Render>Lightning Effectsand make sure that the lower layer is a bit shadowed...

    image 3

  • Click the lower layer and hold ALT and press "UP" as many times as you pressed "DOWN" 2 steps ago... (Wich is 30 times!)

    image 4

  • Merge ALL the text-layers together and now you can add a dropshadow and maybe change the hue...

    Making a 3D Font
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