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Pin up as a part of american popular art

StacySummers Articles Jan 11, 2011

An essential part of American popular art, Pin-Up was coined in the 30's. Since then, widely celebrated for its eye appeal manner, Pin-Up girls drawing technique has been constantly developed during XX century and is rediscovered today as a trendy Vintage styled adornment. Everything old is new again!

In the following showcase you will find vintage and contemporary Pin-Up artists.

Rolf Armstrong

The pin-up art of Rolf Armstrong was a combination of brilliant lighting, vivid colours, superior craftsmanship and beautiful models - his vivacious, spirited ideals of American femininity.

image 1image 2

Vaughan Alden Bass

Armstrong's contemporary, Bass is known for smart minimalism combined with irresistible appeal of his works.

image 3image 4

Al Buell

Created by an outstanding commercial art painter, these charming Pin-Up girls are just breathing the romance of Vintage.

image 5image 6

Ralph Burch

Lovely example of modern Pin-Up manipulation based on Vintage style.

image 7image 8

Paul John Ballard

Vintage-styled sketches executed in winning plain gouache and pencil-drawn manner.

image 9image 10

Harry Ekman

Refined examples of then-widespread cute "girl and a puppy" Vintage Pin - Ups.

image 11image 12

Bill Medcalf

Sweet face, appealing pose and expression executed with perfect finished glow and originality.

image 13image 14

Pearl Frush

Painted primarily in watercolours and gouache, Frush's girls are considered more gracefully portrayed and less overtly sexual than other artists work of the time

image 15image 16

Zoe Mozert

Best known for their pastel style and realistic depiction of women, these are executed by one of the early 20th Century's most known pin-up artists and models.

image 17image 18

Jay Scott Pike

Most known as a comic book artist, Pike created Pin-Ups both sophisticated and romantic, gaining himself generations of devoted admirers and followers.

image 19image 20

Billy De Vorss

Subtle and delicate pastels, revealing the bewitching beauty of Vintage Pin-Up in its best.

image 21image 22

Nathalie Rattner

An eminent Canadian commercial art painter, Rattner combines various drawing techniques along with comprehensive knowledge of Pin-Up basics.

image 23image 24

Joyce Ballantyne

She is best known as the designer of the Coppertone girl, whose swimming costume is being pulled down by a dog.

image 25

image 26image 27

Some examples on how to create Pin-Up girl in Photoshop:

Making of Yuka

Learn how to create a sophisticated Pin-Up girl styled image with step-by-step Photoshop tutorial instructions.

image 28

Red Assassin Digital Painting Tutorial

Digital painting combined with Adobe Photoshop. Discover the process of making an Oriental-styled Red Assassin Pin-Up girl illustration.

image 29

When the Dreams Come True

Exclusive tutorial on creating dreamy Fantasy Pin-Up manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. Download free images, needed for the training.

image 30

How to Create an Original Pin-Up Girl in Photoshop

Minute and accessible Photoshop tutorial on creating smart cartoon-styled Pin-Up girl.

image 31

Beautiful Bloom

Witty and tender image is an ideal advertising solution for female-oriented business. Follow several steps of this Photoshop tutorial to learn the process of creating unique glamorous Pin-Up styled illustrations.

image 32

Creating a sexy mechanical pinup in Photoshop

Modern and unconventional, this Pin-Up girl was created with Adobe Photoshop. Stunning mixture of contemporary details and Vintage-related form. All the stock photos are presented for free download.

image 33

Sexy Holiday Vector Pin-Up Girl Tutorial

Originally a T-shirt design, this Pin-Up image is surely to prove useful to topic-related website, an advertising banner or poster. The following Photoshop tutorial is highly detailed and informative.

image 34

Create a Stunning Pin-Up Collage

Collage technique enjoys wide popularity nowadays. Introducing collage to a Pin-Up is definitely a winning solution. Make a modern lively illustration in Adobe Photoshop with the exclusive tutorial.

image 35

And in conclusion check some new work at Following this further, we suggest you looking through the set of Pin-Up wallpapers, providing the striking examples of modern day approach to Pin-Up art. No need to say, that most illustrations were created with Adobe Photoshop, so its high time to brush up our skills!

Sashimi's revenge

by ~PapaNinja

image 36

Pinup Garage Kit

by ~crisdelara04

image 37

Vintage steampunk pin-up

by ~crayonmaniac

image 38

The Nurse

by ~crisdelara04

image 39

Wireless Fashion

by ~crisdelara04

image 40

Battlestations Midway

by ~henning

image 41

Broom of Doom

by ~MattDixon

image 42

Indian girl pin-up

by ~rzhevskii

image 43

Pin-Up Christmas

by ~anubisreddeath

image 44

Tough Choice

by ~crisdelara04

image 45

Bianca Beauchamp as Irish girl

by ~rzhevskii

image 46

Samantha halloween

by ~anubisreddeath

image 47

She has a DD

by ~crayonmaniac

image 48

Hawaiian Girl

by ~hop2pop

image 49

Dream Catcher

by ~MichaelO

image 50

Violet-Black wallpaper

by ~deligaris

image 51


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