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1. Take a new file of 400 pixels,400 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode.

image 1

2. Make a new layer from the layer palette And fill the background color #D2E6EF.

3. Select Elliptical marquee tool from the tool palette and draw the circle and fill the color #DB055B in the file as shown below in fig.

image 2

4. Do the Transform selection.

image 3

5. Make Contraction as shown below in the image and delete the area of the selected.

image 4

6. Use the Blending options > Gradient Overlay Gradient and give the properties as in given fig.

image 5

image 6

7. Your image will be look like this.

image 7

8. Use the Blending options > Bevel and Emboss Structure and give the properties as in given fig.

image 8

9. Your image will look like this.

image 9

10. Make the copy of layer one in the layer palette.

11. Grab the marquee tool and click the "subtract tool selection" button at the top of the screen.

image 10

12. Select the bottom bit of the circle where the 2 join.

image 11

13. Now hit delete then deselect Your image will look like this.

image 12

14. Duplicate that layer, and with the directional buttons on your keyboard, move it right till it looks right.

15. Repeat step 14.

16.-Final Image

Audi Logo

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