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Certificate badge

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a cool certificate badge. The design can be used in various design project like in creating gift certificates, e-book covers, software boxes, logo, etc. Final output of the certificate badge tutorial can be seen below :

image 1

Select this auto shape :

image 2

Drag this shape while selecting red as foreground color.

image 3

Apply these layer styles in it :

image 4

image 5

image 6

Now, draw this circle with ellipse tool :

image 7

Apply these layer styles in it :

image 8

Select this gradient :

image 9

image 10

image 11

Now, select this auto shape :

image 12

Drag the shape as shown. Again, choose red color as foreground.

image 13

Send the shape back by pressing ctrl+alt+shift+{. Apply these layer styles in it :

image 14

image 15

image 16

Our certificate badge is ready :)

image 1

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