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Christmas RSS Icon (Exclusive Tutorial)

Reiven Drawing Techniques Dec 27, 2007

Once again we find ourselves enveloped in fairy Christmas atmosphere! To create such atmosphere on your website you can use some Christmas decorations in a header, adorn your website's logo or RSS icon. In this easy-to-follow tutorial I'll show how to make RSS icon on your site nice and festive.

Create the new document of 150x150px size. Set Foreground color #ff6926 and draw a shape of 100x100px size in the middle of the canvas. Use the following settings:

image 1

image 2

Set these parameters in the Blending Options:

image 3

image 4

image 5

image 6

Create the new layer, set the foreground color white and draw the circle of 200x200px size. Next Ctrl+Click on the layer to make the selection.

image 7

image 8

Contract selection by 13 px and press del .

image 9

Contract selection by 12 px and fill selection with white. Contract selection by 12 px and press del .

image 10

Now make the selection so that it embraces the right and the bottom side, and its border goes over the lower triangle. Press Del.

image 11

Now draw the circle of 16x16px size in the lower left corner.

image 12

RSS icon is ready. Now merge visible layers. Add some image to the icon. I've chosen the Christmas tree from this tutorial.

image 13

As RSS icon should look like the present, it should be of a smaller size and peep out from behind the tree. Reduce the icon's size to 41x41px and place it at the side of the tree.

image 14

Now duplicate the layer with the tree. Flip it vertical and move down till the bases coincide with each other.

image 15

Add Layer Mask and draw the white to black gradient on it (beginning from the top of the tree and finishing to the bottom). Now set Opacity 40%.

image 16

Do the same thing with RSS icon.

Christmas RSS Icon (Exclusive Tutorial)

Your present in the form of RSS icon is ready.


Dustin Kein

Dustin Kein is an editor at Web Design Library. He's in charge of selecting materials for the PhotoShop and HTML sections of this site. From time to time Dustin contributes some of his tutorials to WDL in order to cover the most actual topics for WDL visitors. Besides this, he's an active forum member whose posts are always helpful, concise and timely.

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