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Club Poster Design Tutorial

image 1

Here I'm starting with a layer that was already enlarged to show color elements that should make a nice backdrop. Next I imported (dragging) another photo from my collection (the club chandelier) which is available in the 2,000 Images CD with the Photoshop Designer Package.

Next I did a pixel stretch by selecting a portion of the layer with the horizontal single marquee selection tool, layer via copy onto its own layer and free transforming it to stretch it out. What is going on is that some of these elements were already broken apart so I'm modifying them to be seen where they need to's kind of like on movie sets where they only film what they need to see to give the impression; so here I'm bringing back some original pixels and will have to cover up the area that is already cut out.

 image 2

You can create a quick and easy star field by choosing a small brush, creating a new layer and dabbing (clicking) small stars onto the layer (with white as the foreground color).

image 3

Here I'm dragging in another image that will fit in the corner.

image 4

Take a look at the same theme; all 4 major layers are from the same photo shoot.

image 5

Here I'm placing another photo from the same shoot into the right hand corner of the document. Now I create a layer mask and use the gradient masking method to get rid of (hide) those edge lines and to make the layer blend into the document smoothly.

Here is our main character; the central focal point with marching ants selected to show you which layer it is (in case you missed it). With this layer as the primary focus of the design, the other elements are all complementary in the same theme.

image 6

Here is just some more layer masking going on which you can see by the rubylith. Note the different layers selected in the palette.

image 7 
image 8

You can also select the layer mask by Ctrl clicking on the layer mask icon in the layers palette. Masked areas will be shown as selected.

image 9

Now create some text with some REALLY LARGE letters; in this case 'club'. I like the 'Impact' font a lot. It's got nice hearty beefy letters like campbell's soup is good food. You can always scale a text layer by Edit: Transform: Scale and the font size will adjust automatically.
Note the layer order.

I've added a sunset color gradient overlay. You can do this 3 different ways but the easiest is to choose gradient overlay in the layer effects dialog box (right clicking on the layer and choosing blending options or clicking on the lower left button on the layers palette and choose it there).  In my Basic Photoshop DVD Training you can learn how to create your own custom gradients of any color under (or above) the rainbow.

Then I've created a pattern fill layer (middle on the bottom row of layer palette icons).

For some more pizazz, duplicate the main character and change the blending mode to vivid light on the top layer.

image 10

Finish it off by dragging in a logo, creating some more text and adding a stroke. Note that the stroke works well to 'highlight' the otherwise purposeful Black text.

Also note the effect of the club text 'fading' as this is because of the layer position in the layers palette with the club photo layer that is masked being on top. A genuine C-Poster.  Be sure to check out our other tutorials.  You can get dozens and dozens of C-Poster iPSD files (& hundreds in other genres) from the iPSD Directory.  You can get my complete Photoshop & design training which is now called: The Discover Photoshop Total Package right here.  It also includes the iPSDirectory of downloads.

Club Poster Design Tutorial

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