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Create a Spotlight

Learn how to create the infamous disco-lights!

Step 1. Open a new document with a predesigned spotlight or draw one yourself like I did;

image 1

Step 2. With the pen-tool, draw a shape like the light I drew in the image below;

image 2

Step 3. Right click and select "Make Selection";

image 3

Step 4. Grab the Gradient-Tool and select a gradient from white to transparent;

image 4

Step 5. Duplicate the layer and go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur of 3 or 4 pixels;

image 5

Step 6. Lower the opacity of the blurred layer to 66% and the opacity of the original to 33%;

image 6

Step 7. And then you are done and you can use your knowledge for the benefit of creating a spotlight!

image 7

Create a Spotlight

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