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Create and Place a Tattoo Into Your Photos

Ready to create and place your own tattoo? Well now I'll teach you how you can do this in a very simple way.

Start opening a new 300 px x 300 px new document with transparent background.

With the "Elliptical Marquee Tool" draw a perfect circle on the stage (holding "Shift" while you drawing). Fill with black (Edit - Fill).

With the "Right arrow key" move the selection to the right until you have an half moon then hit "Del" on your keyboard.

image 1

Now duplicate the layer and with the help of the transform command (Edit - Transform / or / Ctrl-T) compose your tattoo.

This is mine:

image 2

Well now merge down all the layer (Ctrl+E) and then, Ctrl + click on the layer to select the tattoo.

Edit - Copy.

Your tatoo is ready, now we'll see how to perfectly place it on a photo.

Place the tattoo into a photo.

image 3

Open your photo and go to "Edit - Paste".

Ctrl-T to perfectly resize and rotate the tattoo.

Open now the "Blending options" panel to the tattoo's layer and set:

image 4

image 5

image 6

Set the layer opacity to 80% and the layer mode to "Overlay".

image 7

Your done!

Create and Place a Tattoo Into Your Photos

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