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  Tutorials Photoshop Drawing Techniques Creating a Page Curl Effect

Creating a Page Curl Effect

We start off with a plain colored layer, but you may want to add this effect to an existing image. We will make a selection like so (I used the Polygonal Lasso tool):

image 1

Next, we will delete this selected area and then make a new selection, where the page curl will be. Like so:

image 2

Now, still with the selection tool selected, right-click the selection and choose Make Work Path, tolerance can be 2. Now goto the Paths tab in the Layers panel - or if it isn't there, choose Window > Paths. Choose the Convert Point Tool under the Pen tool group in the toolbox, and then click the top point, it should look like this:

image 3

Now to make the page curl more curved, we drag the small black square on the line inside the triangle, like so:

image 4

Now we right-click the path in the Paths panel and choose Make Selection, no Feather Radius. We can now delete the path and go back to our Layers. Let's create a new layer and choose the gradient tool. We want to create a new gradient for our page curl - something like this:

image 5

Now we need to position the gradient correctly, so that it lines up with the page curl. Once we're satisfied with the positioning, it should look something like this:

image 6

To make it look even better, we could add a drop-shadow to it and also fill in the corner, so that it looks like this:

Creating a Page Curl Effect

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