Crystal Apple

1) Create a new 500x500, fill the background with black, use lighting effect to make it like this picture is shown below.

image 1

2) Use pen tool to draw a apple shape, then convert it into a selection. (keep selection go to channel panel and create a new channel, fill the new channel alpha1 with white)

image 2

3) Come back out to layer panel, keep the selection, on the background layer, press CTRL+U , set the saturation and lightness of the area inside the selection a bit higher.

CTRL+D cancel selection, you should see something like this

image 3

4) Use Lasso Tool to draw a selection similar to this, then apply feather to the selection.

image 4

5) ctrl+alt+shift + click on alpha1 (the channel that we saved earlier), now we have the intersection of the selection we just made and the apple selection.

image 5

6)create a new layer, Fill the selection with white color.

image 6

7) Repeat step 4 to 6 to create the rest of it.

image 7

8) create new channel Alpha2 in channel panel, create an ellipse selection with elliptical marquee tool, then draw something (whatever you like) inside the selection, apply Fliter->Distort->Zigzag.

image 8

9) CTRL+click on alpha2 to load the selection, come back out to layer panel, create a new layer and fill selection with white color.

image 9

10) Create the shape shown below with pen tool

image 10

11) convert path into selection, right click on the selection, select stroke, color: white, size: 1.

then paint some high lights similar to the picture inside the selection with paintbrush

image 11

12) create the shape shown below with pen tool

image 12

13) convert path into selection, fill with gradient color, foreground:white, background: transparent

image 13

14) apply filter--> render --> lens flare, and there you go

Crystal Apple

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