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Design Your Own Digg Logo

1. Begin by creating a new document with a white background, 800x600px will do. Then go to edit>preferences>guides, grids & slices. Use these settings:

image 1

2. Next select the rectangular marquee tool (M) and using the grid create a perfect square (hold down shift). Make sure your snap command is on (view>snap). Do this on a new layer. Fill it with color #e2e2e2.

image 2

3. Create another layer for the body and start drawing in the rest of the body with the marquee tool. Make sure the 'add to selection' option is set. Again, use the grid for reference.

image 3

4. Here is what you should have. Fill it with color #b4b4b4.

image 4

5. While still zoomed in, create a new layer for the spade portion of the shovel and begin drawing it in like shown.

image 5

6. Again, make sure that the marquee tool has 'add to selection' option enabled like shown.

image 6

7. Now use the elliptical marquee tool (M) and draw an oval like I did. Start and end it from the points shown.

image 7

8. This is what yours shown look like just before unclicking your mouse 1 button.

image 8

9. Fill it in with color #636363.

image 9

10. Create another layer for the shaft of the shovel. Using the rectangular marquee tool draw the shaft like shown. Fill it in with #b6b6b6.

image 10

11. Next we will be making handel of the shovel. Create another layer. Make sure you are zoomed in to make this easier. Draw an oval like shown. Try to make it look as close as you can to mine, so that the shovel looks right. Fill the handel in with color #636363.

image 11

12. This is what you should have when you zoom out.

image 12

13. Now time to organize our layers! To make it easiest, name each layer to what it is like shown. Then, you must position the layers in proper order (like shown). For example, the head layer needs to be above the body layer.

image 13

14. Now for the fun part. With the 'head' layer selected go into blending options and add these settings:

Inner Glow:

image 14

15. Bevel and Emboss:

image 15

16. Gradient Overlay:

image 16

17. With these settings:

image 17

18. Stroke:

image 18

19. Your 'head' layer should have the styles applied. To give the same styles to every layer quick and easily right click the text portion of the 'head' layer (directly to the right of the layer preview box) and click 'copy layer style'. Then go to every other layer and right click in the same place and select 'paste layer style'. Here is what you should have.

image 19

20. To give the shovel more of a darker effect, simply go into the blending options for the 'spade' layer and apply a darker gradient that what was shown earlier. I used #959595 instead of #dcdcdc.

image 20

21. There ya go! Here is what I got.

Design Your Own Digg Logo

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. And as always, if you liked it share it!

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