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Drawing Subwoofer

Analog Drawing Techniques Oct 19, 2006

This tutorial will teach you how to create a subwoofer from scratch.

To begin, create a new image, 550x550.

Now, using your Elliptical Marquee Tool, draw a medium sized circle to cover the middle of your canvas.

image 1

Fill this in with black, and deselect.

image 2

Create a new layer.

Now draw another circle (about half the size of the first one) in the middle of the black circle.

Fill this in with a slightly lighter color, I used 202020.

image 3

Create another layer, and draw a circle that is a bit bigger than the black one.

Fill this in with a slightly lighter color than black, I used #101010.

image 4

Now, still with the top layer selected, CTRL click on the black circle layer.

Now go up to Select>Modify>Contract by 2. Now hit Delete.

image 5

We now have the basic elements of our subwoofer!

Still with Layer 3 selected, goto Blending Options.

Bevel And Emboss:

image 6

(make sure this is roughly the same. the gloss contour HAS to be Gaussian!)


image 7

Drop Shadow:

image 8

Now we are done the rubber of the subwoofer.

image 9

Select layer 2.

Create a new layer above Layer 2.

Select your Gradient Tool, and use a White to Transparent gradient.

image 10

Select Radial Gradient from the Gradient Options.

image 11

(Still on Layer 4) CTRL click on Layer 2, then using the Gradient Tool, draw a line from the top left quadrent of the circle.

image 12

For now, we are done the Bubble part.

image 13

Select Layer 1

Create a new layer above Layer 1.

With your Gradient Tool still selected (all the settings the same) CTRL click on Layer 1, and draw a line from the bottom right quadrent of the circle.

image 14

Now, create a new image 4px by 4px.

Zoom in full (1600x)

Make sure your foreground color is black.

Using your Pencil Tool, draw a 2x2 box in either corner of the canvas.

image 15

Now switch to another color, I used #4A4A4A.

Draw 2 more boxes in the open areas.

image 16

Now go Edit>Define Pattern.

Back to your Subwoofer.

CTRL click AND select Layer 1.

Go Edit>Fill and select your Pattern

image 17

Now our subwoofer looks a little 2D still.

We need to add some effects to the bubble.

Select Layer 2, then do a Drop Shadow on it.

image 18

Now that looks better doesn't it?

image 19

We are almost done.

Create a new layer UNDER Layer 1.

Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool, draw a circle slightly bigger than the Rubber section.

Fill this in with a silvery-looking color, I used #D2D8DE

image 20

Now create a new layer under that, and fill it in with any color you want.

image 21

Now you're done.

Here's what I got with a few more added features.  I added a Logo and a Mounting Plate to mine.

Drawing Subwoofer

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