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Duality Wallpaper

The DUALITY wallpaper was inspired by an amazing fractal freeware called ContextFree - . After some tweaking I produced the fractal shown here (image size reduced).

image 1

The best thing in Context Free is that it can render one fractal many times with random settings and, as a result, slightly different results. So I put two fractals together...

image 2

... and again, and again, and finally I had some 15+ fractals overlaying each other, filling almost all space around them (which was my purpose).

image 3

Next, I prepared the background - a simply gradient, a bit distorted in the middle with brush tool.

image 4

I added the texture to the background, using the same technique that I use on many wallpapers. (see )

image 5

...Then I added my set of fractals and put it to the left edge of wallpaper....

image 6

... and then made a copy and put it to the right.

image 7

...One final touch was using black brush to fill the gaps. That's all!

Duality Wallpaper
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