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E-book Cover Tutorial (Exclusive Tutorial)

This tutorial demonstrates how to convert a simple, flyer-style 2D image into
a pretty darn impressive 3D e-book

1. Start with the artwork for the cover. Set image size at 510x592 pixels.

image 1

Don't worry! You'll go from the image above to the image below in a few simple layers.

image 2

2. Create a new document 1024x768 pixels, then fill in your background color and insert the e-book shape from here.

3. Add your art work using the marquee tool.
Cut the left part of your art work. Name left. Then name the right side e-book cover.
Go to Edit - Transform - Distort. Left click while holding the mouse on the Top Right corner
to distort the image. Then proceed to Bottom Left and Bottom Right corners using the same steps.
Change the hue on the left side to 20.

image 3

image 4

image 5

Now, make the the highlight 24x566 pixels as shown below. Next create a similar shape
using the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Fill in with color.

image 6

4. Highlight, add bevel and emboss. Then contour.

image 7

image 8

Full size. You're finished. Enjoy ;)

image 9

You can add shadows or reflections to your results using the tutorial seen here!

E-book Cover Tutorial (Exclusive Tutorial)

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