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Easy Planet

Here's how to quickly create a planet.

Make a new document and make sure it is square. Then, set your foreground color to #000000 and your background color to #CDCDCD. Render some clouds:

image 1

Now pull up your image variations and move the slider to one slot before fine, then click more blue once, then more cyan twice. You should get this:

image 2

Okay, this step is optional, so you can skip this if you want. Add a lens flare near a corner, 105mm prime:

image 3

Then use polar coordinates, rectangular to polar:

image 4

Now, take out your blur tool and blur along the line from the polar coordinates to remove it. Then grab your elliptical marquee tool and hold down alt+shift. Then click in the center and pull out until you've selected the entire sphere.

image 5

Inverse the selection and press delete and deselect. Now add a hue/saturation layer and use these settings:

image 6

The add a brightness/contrast layer and use these settings:

image 7

Add an outer glow using these settings:

image 8

Done! Here's my final product, use it if you want, but you should make your own.

image 9

Here's an example of what I made with this tutorial:

Easy Planet

God took seven days, well, we took seven minutes!

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