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Education Institute Logo

In this tutorial, we will learn to create a logo for an education institute. We will learn to create 3 icons i. Book Icon 2. Torch, which is the symbol of revolution & 3. The Sun, which is symbol for light or the knowledge. So, the overall meaning or message of the logo is Revolution and Knowledge through Education.

First, we will learn to create a book icon.

Set the foreground color to #D0D0D0. Select Rectangle tool and draw this shape:

image 1

Drag two guides as shown. We will use them to control the shape.

image 2

Now, draw the upper nodes of the shape to form this shape :

image 3

Add 2 pixel wide black color stroke in it.

image 4

image 5

Press control+j. Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal and move the duplicate layer as shown.

image 6

Draw this shape with pen tool at the left side

image 7

and on the right hands side

image 8

Draw #ADADAD colored lines in the middle of the shape :

image 9

Draw a rectangle with pen tool and send it to back by pressing control+shift+{

image 10

Draw more lines either with pen tool or with brush tool. Use #ADADAD color for the lines. The book icon is ready.

image 11

Now, we will draw torch. Use pen tool to draw this shape. Color used in the shape is #646464

image 12

Zoom up to 200% to better control over the shape. Draw the shape shown in the figure below with pen tool. Fill the shape with white color.

image 13

image 14

Draw the flame shape with pen tool. Use #CC9900 color to fill the shape.

image 15

Draw another white color shape as shown in the figure with the pen tool.

image 16

Add 2 pixel wide black color stroke in the flames. Draw #8F8F91 colored lines as shown.

image 17

Now, we will draw the sun. For that set the foreground color to #FFB400 and draw the shape with Ellipse tool.

image 18

Send the shape behind by pressing shift+control+{. After that add 2 pixel wide black color stroke in it.

image 19

Finish designing the logo by adding name of the institute :)

Education Institute Logo

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