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Flash Orb

Have you seen the thumbnail in your Start-Menu? Now you can make it...

1. First create an orb and fill it with #E210F1;

image 1

2. Add an inner glow;

image 2

image 3

3. Make a smaller circle and fill it with white, then duplicate it;

image 4

4. Use the Circular-Marquee Tool to cut off most of the white and then lower the opacity;

image 5

5. On the second white orb, do another effect that can be done with the help of the pen-tool; (Note: if you're not good with the pen-tool, use the circular marquee-tool)

image 6

6. Add any logo or just the Flash-logo and fill it with #235676;

image 7

7. Add these blending-options to the logo;

image 8

image 9

image 10

And then you can add anything you like...

Flash Orb

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