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Good-Tutorials' Logo

Ever go to They are probably the largest database of photoshop tutorials on the internet today. use this tutorial to create the star logo they have.

1. Open up a new document, Ctrl+N, choose a good size canvas so it's easier to work with.

2. Color the background in with hex code #3d5f70, GT's official colors

image 1
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3. Create a new layer, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N

4. Using the circle marquee tool draw out a circle in the center of the canvas. Hold down the Shift key while you draw out the circle, till make it perfectly round.

image 2

5. Using the paint bucket, color in the circle with #99977, GT's official colors.

image 3
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6. Using the circle marquee again, draw out another circle inside of the one we just created. It might take a couple tries to get it the right size and aligned properly

image 4

7. Now press the delete key on your keyboard. Till create a center in the circle.

image 5

8. We now need to create the famous 5-point star. Create a new layer Ctrl+Shift+N. Using the pen tool, star creating the points of the star. Be sure to select only to create the path look at the screen captures. I created my star a little bigger but we can resize it afterwards.

image 6
Click to enlarge

9. Right click on the star path, and select fill path. color in this layer with GT's official colors # ddddbb.

image 7

10. Right click on the star again and select Delete Path, it'll turn the star into a layer so we can work with it.

image 8

11. Now let's tilt the star press Ctrl+T. And rotate it till you think it looks good.

image 9

12. Now we gotta make it a little smaller, press Ctrl+T again, and hold down the Shift key while you resize the star, this will keep the proportions.

image 10

13. Duplicate this layer, so now we have 2 star layers. The lower star, using the paint bucket, color it the same as the background.

image 11

14. Now the top star, press CTRL+T, and resize it so its smaller and center inside the entire logo. You are done!

Good-Tutorials' Logo

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