Tutorials Photoshop Drawing Techniques How to Create your own Vector Brushes!

How to Create your own Vector Brushes!

Here are some examples of what you can create using this simple tutorial and a creative mind :)

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1. First lets begin with a fresh canvas, so open up photoshop and with a new canvas on the screen, fill in your whole canvas with black. And then make a new layer, get your elliptical marquee tool and make a circle, it does not have to be exactly the same as mine.

Note: Make sure that you are holding shift when making selections on all of your selections that you make in this tutorial and i recommend you do so in future works

image 4

2. Now fill your selection with white and then make a new layer and make another selection using the same tool.

image 5

3. Again fill the selection with white. And now make a new layer and using the same tool make another selection.

image 6

4. Fill the selection with white and now go back to your first circle that you made and select it, by holding ctrl and clicking on the image beside the name of your layer.

image 7

5. Now keep this selection and go to Select > Modify > Contract...

image 8

6. A window will come up, use the following settings:

image 9

7. Now after you click ok, a selection will be made, leave this selection and press Delete, to remove the white, creating yourself a ring shape.

image 10

8. That was one example of creating vector shapes for brushes. Another example is; Create a new layer make a selection and fill it with white. Now deselect and make another selection of a circle inside the circle you just made.

image 11

9. Now with the selection still open, press delete and viola! Now lets stop with designing circle shaped vectors as you should of got somewhat of a sense of how people create vector brushes. Next, lets create something we don't see much of these days, a different design. So, make a new layer and get your elliptical marquee tool, make a selection of a circle and fill it with white, LEAVING the selection on. Now click on the elliptical marquee tool and using your arrows on your keyboard, move the selection up a bit about 7 taps should do it.

image 12

10. Now keeping the selection still on, press delete and KEEP the selection still on! Now still with the elliptical marquee tool, move the selection up 5 taps. And fill it with white.

image 13

11. Keep on doing this process and as you keep making sort of crescent shapes, make them smaller and smaller, after you think it looks good (3 to 5 crescents) on the last selection fill it with white, like so:

image 14

12. Now how to make your vector shapes into brushes; Well, its very simple, just drag your shape into a new canvas that has no other layers in it.

image 15
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13. And hit ctrl+I to make it black, and then go to Image > Trim, a window should come up and use these settings:

How to Create your own Vector Brushes!
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14. Now go to Edit > Define Brush Preset... a window will come up, name your brush and your done! It should now be in your brushes palette.

This ends our tutorial on vector shapes, i hope many can benefit from this and will start designing some nifty designs!

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