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  Tutorials Photoshop Web Layout How to Make a Bookmark (Exclusive Tutorial)

How to Make a Bookmark (Exclusive Tutorial)

Oldman Web Layout Apr 15, 2005

Leafing through the templates at Web Design Library Shop, I stumbled across a rather nice example of a bookmark and understood that I had found material for my next tutorial. You will need a complete set of Grunge brushes. A set of Grunge brushes can be downloaded from the Internet and placed in Photoshop. Also, you will need several texture samples.

So, let's begin from the creation of the background.

1. Create a new document in Photoshop. Fill the background with color #534A3B.

image 1

2. Next, take any textile texture and place it atop the background. In our case the texture was the one shown below:

image 2

3. In layer blending options select the texture type Overlay .

You should get this effect:

image 3

4. In the tool panel choose Rounded Rectangle Tool having a radius of 10 pixels. Create Shape. Foreground color #D4C38C .

5. Activate the Transform function by clicking on the key combination Ctrl+T, turn the shape to the right. In our case, we got this result :

image 4

6. Now, work with the layer properties.

A ) Begin with Drop Shadow. Drop Shadow settings are the following:

image 5

We should get this result:

image 6

B) Inner Shadow settings are the following:

image 7

We get this result :

image 8

C) Stroke settings are the following:

image 9

( NOTE : When choosing the settings of Pattern, recall that the result can vary depending on the chosen settings).

With our settings we get the following result:

image 10

7. Complete layer selection. Create a new transparent layer atop the currently active layer. Set the Foreground color #000000. In the tool panel, choose Brush Tool. Choose the appropriate brush from the set of Grunge brushes, in order to get the effect shown in the example:

image 11

8. Deselect. In the properties layer choose the types of Overlay.

In our case we get the following result:

image 12

9. The final step: Create a new transparent layer atop everything else. In the tools panel choose gradient fill transparency 20%. Fill in the area. In the layer properties choose type Overlay. Move on to the layerp roperties. In our case, the settings are the following:

image 13

The bookmark is ready:

image 14

See additional examples on the practical use of such elements.

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