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Kitten in action exclusive tutorial

Reiven Drawing Techniques Jan 03, 2006

Here I'll show you how to make a cute effect for a picture that will sharply outline one element in it and create an impression of action.

Open the image in Photoshop:

image 1
Rollover to see the result

Duplicate the layer. Cut the kitten using Extract tool. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, you may read this tutorial for guidance.

image 2

4. Using the Lasso tool, highlight the kitten's eyes (just circle one eye and then holding down the Shift button to keep the selection, start selecting the other). Duplicate selected into another layer, then Deselect. Add clarity and sparkle to the eyes using Hue/Saturation with the following settings:

image 3

5. Go back to the layer, which contains the extracted kitten (left-click the thumb with the kitten) and desaturate it.

image 4

6. Select the layer with the original picture and duplicate it once more. After that load the selection of the layer with the extracted kitten (holding down Ctrl, click the thumb with the kitten). Delete the selection and deselect.

7. Apply Radial Blur filter and you've got your effect.

image 5

Here's what I've done:

Kitten in Action (Exclusive Tutorial)
Rollover to see the original picture


Dustin Kein

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