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Learn How to Draw Danny Phantom

You heard it correctly.. time to become a ghost!

Step 1

What we first need to do is open a new document and on a new layer start drawing.

Draw a round shape for Danny's head, a triangle for his body, and stripes for his arms and "tail". Finally some blocks as hands;

image 1

Step 2

Since the previous thing was just a sketch, now start the real drawing!

Draw some hands and arms on the place of the blocks and lines;

image 2

Step 3

Add a body to the whole picture and begin drawing his head;

image 3

Step 4

Then with a little smaller pencil, start drawing his face. Let's make him look cool!

image 4

Step 5

Now that we've sketched Danny, "roughly" color him. And when I say roughly, I mean roughly ;)

image 5

Step 6

No cartoon without lines! This time use the pen-tool to trace the lines you've just sketched. That way you get perfect straight lines instead of sketchy ones.

Be aware that you *may* have to recolor something, but that's no problem right? This time, again, use a smaller brush for the face;

image 6

Step 7

As you may have noticed earlier, I had hidden the sketch-lines. You can hide them as well, or throw them away, although I don't support that option, because you may need them later if you make a mistake.

Anyhow, now let's start with the eyes and teeth;

image 7

Step 8

If you did the coloring correctly, you should have different layers with different colors. If you haven't done that yet, redo it ;)

Finished? Ok, *now* let's highlight! Every time you highlight an area, make a layer above the layer you want to highlight and press CTRL+G to group it.

Start brushing with a white brush over the hands and hair, then maybe even use a Gaussian Blur to top it off...

image 8

Step 9

Do the same for the black area's, only now lower the opacity as well;

image 9

Step 10

No highlighting-campaign complete without doing the face, so what are you waiting for? :D

image 10

Step 11

What's that you say? Danny can't hear us? Maybe that's because we forgot to give him an ear;

image 11

Step 12

Yeah, black eyebrows sure make him look much tougher and cooler!

image 12

Step 13

Now use the pen-tool to draw a funny "tail"-shape at the beginning of Danny's waist;

image 13

Step 14

Add an outer glow, or brush it behind the tail... your choice;

image 14

Step 15

And then you're finally done. Congratulations! And have fun putting Danny is different positions! If you have some, email them to me ;)

Learn How to Draw Danny Phantom
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