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Make Flag of Israel

Heaven Drawing Techniques Dec 27, 2006

An easy and short tutorial to make Isreal's flag.This tut does not concern with politic. So we start :

1.First open a new doc and draw to rectangles with color #B59091.

image 1

2. Select Custom shape tool and choose "Hexagon".Then draw a hexagon at center of flag.Now get 6 copies from the layer and insert each one in angles if hexagon as shown.

image 2

3. Here we are going to make a selection area around first hexagon like below.

image 3

4. Delete extra areas and set star's color with flag's color.

5. At last draw 6 white triangles and insert them on star like final image.

Make Flag of Israel

It looks good.

You can download .psd file here.

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