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Mechanical art logo

Create a circle using elliptical shape tool.

image 1

Press shift and create a vertical rectangle using rectangular shape tool.

image 2

Press Ctrl+U and Shift+Ctrl+T several times to create the design as shown.

image 3

Merge all layers. Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown.

image 4

image 5

Right click the layer and select create layers. This will split the gear and its stroke in two different layers.

image 6

Ctrl Click the gear layer to get its selection. Hide the gear layer. Select the stroke layer and press delete to remove the inner area.

image 7

Unhide the gear layer and fill with an orange color.

image 8

Create a rectangular selection using rectangular marquee tool. Press Shift+Ctrl+i to invert selection. Press delete.

image 9

Duplicate the layer. Ctrl+T and select rotate 180°.

image 10

Move the layer and place as shown below.

image 11

Fill with a different color.

image 12

Move both layers outwards a few pixels.

image 13

Type company name in a new layer.

image 14

Press text warp button at top bar.

image 15

Pick warp style and adjust settings as shown.

image 16

Rotate the text clockwise.

image 17

Apply a nice stroke to the text from layer style window.

image 18

Fill the background with a color of your choice.

Mechanical Art Logo

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