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Metal Sign

Make new document, 600 x 400 px

First, use Rectangle Tool to draw this path

image 1

Save this path, name it "1"

Use Ellipse Tool make 1 path then copy 3 times, bring to rectangle corner like this.

image 2
Click to enlarge

name this Path "2" it have 3 ellipse obj

do the same step, name it "3"

image 3
Click to enlarge

Make selections all  path saved, Operation = Add to Selection

image 4

we have

image 5
Click to enlarge

draw with Rounded Rectangle Tool

image 6
Click to enlarge

image 7
Click to enlarge

fill random color on new layer ( layer 1 )

image 8

make new layer, fill random color, make sure background and foreground color is default ( black and white ) press D

Filter >> Noise >> Add noise  with amount = 85 % , check Monochromatic

image 9

Motion Blur  ( Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur )

image 10

we have this, now go to Image >> Adjustment >> Desaturate

image 11

Use this gradient with 3 color

Image >> Adjustment >> Gradient Map

image 12
Click to enlarge

Edit >> Define Pattern

image 13

Now, delete this layer, come back to "Layer1", fill RANDOM yellow color for this shape

add layer style

image 14

image 15

image 16

image 17

image 18

we have

draw this Path using Rounded Rectangle Tool

image 19
Click to enlarge

save Path and name "4" ( on Path palette )

Path palette shot

image 20

fill this gradient

image 21

image 22
Click to enlarge

Make new layer 20 x 20 px with black background

Double-click on Layer background it'll rename "Layer 0"

draw a square shape and delete as I did

image 23

create a small square selection 4x4 px, move and delete, move and delete :)

we have

image 24

define pattern

image 25

now you can close this document

back to first document

add layer style for new orange layer

image 26

image 27

image 28

use Path Selection, select small circle path and transform it like this

Make selection, stand on layer 1, press Delete

image 29

add text, and we have

it really cool for sign

Metal Sign
Click to enlarge

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