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  Tutorials Photoshop Drawing Techniques Photoshop Digital Painting Tutorial - "Melodic" [Part2]

Photoshop Digital Painting Tutorial - "Melodic" [Part2]

10. Make the cloth and rough environment. I adding brush texture to make the scene more alive (press F5 >Texture). I don't want detail environment, but I want looks like blur in photography ^^v
11. Add bird and tree branch. I make Singing Canary, yellow color, so pretty.

12. Finishing touch, add highlight, with slightly yellow color (I want to make warm scene).
Hmm... The environment looks boring, so I will add bokeh, to make the scene more attractive.
13. To make a nice bokeh, I use this setting: Brush: Hardround Brush, Opacity: 10-20%, Spacing: big (100 - 150%), Scattering: Scatter: 1000%, Count: 1.

*Click image for detail.
And it's done...
Finish artwork: Here

Adobe photoshop CS4
Genius Pen Tablet

Hope you like this painting tutorial, if you have any questions, comment or critique, write it in the comment.

Thanx for coming, enjoy :)

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