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Create a nice professional stlye banner Web Layout Aug 02, 2004

Create a new document anysize around 550x100 and fill it in with white. Then after you have done that you need to set your forground color to the color "bee700", now go to filter>>render>>clouds.

image 1

Now make a new layer , get the circle tool and make white circles all over your document randomly like i did below

image 2

Now set that layer with the circles on it to the setting "soft light" , after you have done that make a new layer and get the rounded rectangular tool with a radius of 15 px and make somthing like below.

image 3

Create a new layer name ir boreder and press CTRL+A , and then go to edit >> stroke and copy these settings and hit ok.. make sure the layer "border" is always on top

image 4

Create another new layer and get the reqtangular marquee tool , makea selection like i did above and then fill it in with a nice green .

image 5

Get the eraser tool with a nice and soft tip , and erase dabs like i did above , after that set your layer opacity to about 50%

image 6

Create yet another new layer and make a selection like i did below.

image 7

Stroke it with the same settings as before and storke it with a color white or somthing similar to white. Erase all the extra back part of the line.. Get the arrow tool and hold "Alt" on your keyboard , now hole shift and press the left arrow key once and let go of alt , now hold shift and hit the arrow key again , this should make it so that it duplicated the layer and spaced it out a little.

image 8

After getting a picture , and adding a grid pattern this is what i got..

image 9
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Professional Banner

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