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Soccer Ball on Fire

Create a new file with 300x212 px and 300 dpi. Paint it in white.

image 1

Use the following instrument to represent a circle of black color.

image 2

Use the same instrument to picture one more circle with the indicated parameters below.

image 3

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 4

Gradient's parameters.

image 5

Make use of the next instrument to picture a figure of black color also and place everything out the way it is done in the picture below.

image 6

Take the previous instrument to picture another figure of black color and place it out like in the image below.

image 7

And one more

image 8

One more of the same color.

image 9

Add the same way several other figures and place out the same way it is done below.

image 10

Take the next instrument and represent several stripes of black color also. Place them out like in the next image.

image 11

Picture now a flame's silhouette, making use of the next instrument with the demonstrated parameters below.

image 12

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 13

Gradient's parameters.

image 14

Use the previous instrument to picture a flame's element with the shown color – FFBE00

image 15

Make use of the previous instrument to draw a figure with the sizes from below.

image 16

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 17

Gradient's parameters

image 18

The same instrument and one more figure with the indicated sizes next step.

image 19

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 20

Gradient's parameters

image 21

As a result we'll have the next:

Soccer Ball on Fire


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