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  Tutorials Photoshop Drawing Techniques Splash My Heart Wallpaper

Splash My Heart Wallpaper

Make a new file with 16890x1050 px and 72 dpi, Paint it B5F000.

image 1

Take the instrument image 2 and picture a figure with the indicated parameters below. The color must be B1E600.

image 3

One more figure with the same color.

image 4

And one more. The same color.

image 5

The same way and the same figure.

image 6

The same instrument use to picture one more figure with the indicated color.

image 7

Choose the next instrument image 2 to represent the others, like in the next picture.

image 9

Take a brush with unclear edges, the color – B5F000 and paint a little the upper part of the picture.

image 10

Take a brush of white color with legible edges and picture several patches like in the next representation.

image 11

Continue. Take a brush of white color with the same clear edges and create several other patches, like in the picture below:

image 12

Take the same brush but of bigger size to create a heart's outline.

image 13

Use the next instrument image 14 to choose a special cliché like in the image below.

image 15

image 16

Blending Options-Inner Glow

image 17

Gradient's parameters

image 18

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 19

Gradient's parameters

image 20

Take the next instrument image 14 to choose again the corresponding cliché.

image 22

image 23

the indicated parameters below.

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 24

Gradient's parameters

image 25

Blending Options-Stroke

image 26

Apply the indicated tool image 2 to picture a figure with the color 740182, like the next one.

image 28

image 29

Blending Options-Stroke

image 30

Copy the recently made layer and place it out like in the image below.

image 31

Merge all the layers, forming both pointers in group, copy it and make use of Free Transform option to minimize them, change the color on the next – 02FDF4.

image 32

Make one more figure with the known instrument image 2 and it must have the color FE006C. The parameters are the next.

image 34

image 35

Blending Options-Stroke

image 36

Copy the new made layer and apply Free Transform selection to minimize the layer. Change the color on FFA800.

image 37

Unite all the layers, forming the yellow star, the double violet pointer, the double blue pointer, the orange and red pointers in a group. Copy the new group using Free Transform to turn them around and place everything out like in the next picture.

image 38

The last features include taking a brush of white color with very clear edges and represent several patches of different sizes, like in the image below.

Splash My Heart Wallpaper

The final result!

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