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amitk Drawing Techniques Dec 26, 2007

You have seen lately a few changes on Talk-Mania. a new skin, a shop, users blogs, new logo.

Since i have changed the skin i have received over 20 request to create the Talk-Mania logo

Today i am going to teach you how to create that kind of logo

image 1

So let's start with a new document.

600 x 600 pixels will be fine

Background color : white

Select Type tool and write " Talk "

image 2

Then right click on the layer and chose : "convert to shape"

image 3

Next Step is to go to Edit > Transform Path > Skew

Move the corners of the shape until you have the following result

image 4

Now for this shape add the following layer style

image 5

image 6

image 7

This is my result

image 8

The following Steps are very important:

Be sure you have this layer selected, then follow the Steps very carefully:

Step 1 : press Ctrl+J ( this will duplicate the layer )

image 9

Step 2 : Now select Move Tool ( or press V on your keyboard )

Step 3 : Press one time on your right arrow from your keyboard, then press one time on the up arrow. You will have the following result ( which is not so visible for the moment)

image 10

Be sure you select always the top layer from your layer palette, then follow carefully the 3 Steps from above

After i have duplicated the top layer a few times i got the following result

image 11

Now select the top layer from your layer palette and add this layer styles

image 12

image 13

image 14

image 15

image 16

This is my result

image 17

Now it is time to create the other word : "Mania"

Basically you need to create the same Steps from above but with another perspective angle

So with type tool write down on your canvas the word : "mania"

image 18

Convert the type layer to shape by right clicking on the layer and choose " Convert to shape "

Then go to Edit > Transform path > Skew and move the corners of your shape until you will have the same result as mine

image 19

Duplicate the shape a few times, ( follow the 3 Steps from above ) but this time when you need to press on the arrow keys select first to press on LEFT arrow key , then on the UP arrow key. This will give you another perspective angle

This is my result:

image 20

Then for the top layer ( from your layer palette ) add the following layer styles.

image 21

image 22

image 23

image 24

image 25

This is my result

image 26

After i will resize the document a little this is my final result

image 1

This are some color variations ( all this are created with just a few clicks )

Find on internet layer styles, or create your own layer styles and with just a few clicks you can have different results in a few minutes ( less then 2 minutes )

image 28

image 29

image 30

image 31

image 32

image 33

image 34

image 35

Talk-Mania Logo

If i am looking better at this last logos, i think some of them are better then my original one.

I hope you like this tutorial. Another day i will show you how i have created the other part of the logo.

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