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Tribal Logo

Netcubo Web Layout Mar 17, 2005

Make a Tribal Logo for your website.

Step 1
Make a new document 500x500 pixels. Make a new layer and make a round circle using the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Fill it in with a black. Then you should have something similar..

image 1

Step 2
Now with your Elliptical Marquee Tool, simple make a round selection not totally around the circle but make it look like an eclips. A bit like mine..

image 2
image 3

Step 3
Once you have the eclipse. Simply go to your layers pallete and duplicate your elipse layer (the one we have just been editing). This will then duplicate it. Now, simply go to EDIT >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal. This will now have fliped the duplicated eclipse to the other side. Now try joining them up like mine.

image 4

Step 4
Now duplicate the same layer on your layer pallete simply by right mouse clicking on the layer and selecting Duplicate.. Then once again go to EDIT >> Transform >> Flip Vertical. This will now flip it upside down. Now start playing around and make lots of different things, see what you can come up with.

Tribal Logo

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