Tutorials Photoshop Drawing Techniques Valentine\'s Day Greeting Card (Part 1)

Valentine's Day Greeting Card (Part 1)

First open a new file that would have 450x450 px and 72 dpi. Then paint it with the shown color – 01062E.

image 1

Take now this tool and represent an ellipse colored with this color's code: B9B9B9.

image 2

Blending Options-Outer Glow

image 3

Take after that the usual instrument for selecting the necessary figure from the table below.

image 4

Take then another instrument and make the necessary corrections on the heart figure.

image 5

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 6

Gradient's parameters:

image 7

Blending Options-Stroke

image 8

Now we should take the next tool to represent on the upper heart's part a small luminescence that would make the heart look lighter on that part.

image 9

Now make a click on this option represented here

image 10

and the commands will be applied in the figure's limits.

image 11

Fill 9% on the layers

The layer's Opacity should be of 63%.

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

image 12

Gradient's parameters:

image 13

Select now the next instrument shown here and draw a small flare on the left half of our heart.

image 14

Valentine's Day Greeting Card (Part 1)

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