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Animated Text Sand Effect

In this tutorial, we will learn to make a sandy effect that resembles sand covering up or being blown of an image or text. I will show you how to make the effect and then animate it so the final result is this.

image 1
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You can also change the effect so that it doesn't fade back it, it has sand blown OFF of it.  The final decision is up to you, and in this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to accomplish both techniques.

Creating the Text in Photoshop

Step 1

Create the text. It is a very simple cartoon effect, nothing special. For this effect, you need a background with some variance in dark and light, as the way it works is either blending the light or dark parts of the text down. A single color of any type won't work.

To start, use Arial Black and type in "ALL CAPS". Use the color #C8A724 as a base, and apply the following blend modes.

image 2

image 3

image 4

image 5

Your text should now look like this.

image 6

More Blending Options

Step 2

Go back to the blending options, and before you hit any of the modes, you should see this page.

image 7

The part with the red line underneath is what we will edit.

The black slider on the left causes the text to disappear on the darker parts of the image, the white slider on the right causes the text to disappear showing the lighter parts of the image. We will use the darker slider on the right.

First off, decide how many frames you want. I wanted 10 frames, so I slid the black slider right 25 or 26 times to the right (255 divided by 10 = 25.5). You can tell by the number of times you slid right because it is on the right of "Underlying Layer".

Step 3

Slide by your number (mine was 25 / 26). To do this, duplicate your original layer, hide it by clicking the eye, and sliding. Duplicate that, hide the lower below it, and slide it over again. Do this until your layer palette looks like this, and your text has completely disappeared.

image 8

Now we can start animating in Image Ready.

Animating the Text in Image Ready

Step 4

Open the image in Imageready by hitting "CTRL + SHIFT + M". We will now animate the image.

Step 5

Decide if you want the sand to COVER or UNCOVER the text. We can apply both, but to start off just choose one. I went with covering the image, as you can see in the sample picture.

Go to "Window -> Animation". This will show the animation window. Find the "New Frame" button, it will be used in the next step. This is what it looks like.

image 9

If you want to COVER your text with sand, start with the text that is 100% clear, make a new frame, show the layer where the text is a little less visible and hide the text before it. Repeat this until you have a basic animation.

Your image should now look like this.

image 10
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If you want to UNCOVER your text with sand, start with the text that you can't see anything, make a new frame, show the layer where the text is a little less visible and hide the text before it. Repeat this until you have a basic animation.

Your image should now look like this.

image 11
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There are a few more things that need to be improved with our initial animation.

Finalizing the Animation

Step 6

The basic animation is done, however it still has some problems. The animation goes too fast and isn't a very good loop (If your animation doesn't loop at all, check that "Forever" is check on the animation window, not just "Once" at the bottom left corner). In this step we will remedy that.

The first thing we can do is change the timing of your layers to make sure that it is smooth, yet we can still read the text (In my case, "Sands of Time".)

Left click the arrow on the layer that is 100% full and 100% empty. You can choose how long you want your individual layers to show. I chose 2 seconds.

image 12

Step 7

Creating a loop is easy. The first way we can do this is through the tween menu. Hold down the left mouse button on the first frame and move it to the last. Your animation window should now look like this.

image 13

Hit the tween button to bring up the following window. Enter the settings below.

Tween Button image 14

Tween Window

image 15

Now make sure that the layers other then your two layers that are either 100% full or 100% empty are still at a 0 second delay time. To do this, shift click the first frame you want to have a 0 second delay time, then click the last frame you want to have a 0 second delay time. The layers should go blue like below.

image 16

This is how I got the effect at the beginning of this tutorial. However, if you want your text to be "sanded" in, then "sanded" out, skip the steps we just did and go back to the simple animation. Once you go from 100% to 0%, or vice versa, just make a new frame and back the way you came.

For example, if you went from 100% fill to 0% fill, just go back to 100% fill by making more frames and re-enabling the layer's visibility.


Animated Text Sand Effect
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Congratulations! You've just made a cool sandy effect! The less fill change between the frames, the better the effect will be.

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