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  Tutorials Photoshop ImageReady Animation Animated Water Reflection - Double Whammy Tutorial

Animated Water Reflection - Double Whammy Tutorial

This is written for PSP 9 & PS Users

Finished Result:

Programs that can be used to create this effect: Gimp, Paintshop Pro 9, PhotoShop and all other programs that support Adobe Photoshop ® plug-ins(you can create this effect in either program, instructions are only given for PSP & PS)

You will also need Animation Shop or Image Ready for the animation.

This effect can also be imported into Swish2 or Swishmax.

You will also need:

Almathera Plug-in Collection (free plugins)

download and unzip the entire contents into your Plugin folder in whatever program your using.

For the purpose of this tutorial we are using an image of a frog above:

Credits for image:

LoneyBones a.k.a Leonie Morris

Open the image you would like to add the water animation too.

In PSP9 go to:

layers -duplicate

then again

layers - merge down

In PS:

Layer-duplicate layer-layer-merge down.

Take your selection tool see image:



Next we need to copy this image exactly with the little ants still moving (This is important), shift+D 3 times, this should give you 4 identical images, so you'll have your original and 3 images.


Select rectangular maquee tool, your doing exactly the same thing but slightly different, after you have placed your rectangular maquee tool where you want it right click and deselect. Then Ctrl + J 3 times to give you 4 images.


Now you have your 4 images, go to your original image DO NOT unselect the moving ants (This is important)

First thing we need to do is give a more realistic reflection to the frog using the puddler plugin.

Select your first image, make sure ants are still moving, and add the effect using the settings below:


For photoshop users select first image bottom up (right click on image to reselect)and select again this will bring the moving ants back then follow below;

Effects - Plugins - A Puddler (once open select Lake on top right in drop down menu)

Use these Settings:

134 - reflection

50 - displacement

85 lightning strength

50 - perspective

80 - scale

Apply the above effect to each image and change scale by one in every image so your last image the scale would be 83

Your images should now all look similar to this:

De-select each image as you apply the effect.

Save each image in seqence in gif format into a folder where you will easily find these as we haven't quite finished yet.

Then launch Animation Shop. PSP Users

File - Animation Wizard

Select: Same size as first image frame - Click Next

Select Transparent - Click Next

Next screen follow Image:

Next screen follow Image:

Next screen follow Image:

This is where you will now add the images you previously added the plugin effect too, add them in seqence as you created them, if you make an error use move up or down until they are placed correctly.

Click Next then Finish it will bring all your images into Animation Shop example below:

Animated Water Reflection - Double Whammy Tutorial
Click to enlarge

Your should now be able to see your animated water effect.

File - Save As - (name your image be sure to save in gif format)

Follow screen prompts as I have them below:

Click next twice to take you through the next 2 screens then Finish.

Image Ready: - PS Users

Open Image Ready

File - Import File As Frames (this brings them in all at once)browse your PC for folder, make sure no other images are inside that folder except the ones you require.

Choose Window > Animation. A check mark indicates that the palette is showing.

Using the Animation palette menu

Click the triangle in the upper right corner of the palette to access commands, but you shouldn't need to adjust anything, play your animation to check, save as gif.

Thats it your done

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