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Creating A Global Vision Conceptual Animation

Start by opening an image of a eye.

image 1

Using lasso tool select upper area of the eye lashes. Press Ctrl+J to let the image under selection paste in a new layer.

image 2

Hide the duplicate layer. Using elliptical marquee tool select the eye lid.

image 3

From select menu apply save selection.

image 4

Name this selection "eyelid".

image 5

Fill this selection with white color in a new layer.

image 6

Select eraser tool and using a feathered big radius brush settings, click at the center of the eye lid.

image 7

Insert a world map cutout.

image 8

Place it over the eye lid.

image 9

Create two duplicates of the world map layer. Move to the right and left of the original map layer. Make sure you have equal gaps in between the three instances of map layer.

image 10

Merge three map layers. Move the first join area of the map to the center of eye lid.

image 11

From select menu apply load selection.

image 12

Select "eyelid" from channel.

image 13

image 14

From layer menu apply layer mask>>reveal selection.

image 15

image 16

Move the map layer below the feathered white eye lid layer.

image 17

Unhide the eye lashes layer.

image 18

Open animation window.

image 19

In layer window unlink the mask and map.

image 20

In animation window duplicate the first frame and move the map layer towards the left.

image 21

Repeat the above step by moving map layer in equal increments with each duplicate frame till you reach the point where you have second joint of the maps at the center of the eye lid.

image 22

image 23

image 24

Press the play button in animation window to preview the animation.

Creating A Global Vision Conceptual Animation

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