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Speaker Effect

Okay, start out with a picture of a speaker

image 1

Now, select the base speaker on the bottom

image 2

Now, while you have that selected press Ctrl-c and make a new layer above that then press Ctrl-f and you will have your selection on a new layer, now you need to duplicate that layer two times by pressing Ctrl-j two times, once you have done that select your first duplicated layer (the one right above your original) and name that one Side, do the same for the one above it except name that one Up.

Now select the Side layer and apply Filter> Blur> Motion blur and these settings

Angle: 0
Distance: 15px

Do the same for the Up layer except apply these settings

Angle: 90
Distance 15px

Here is what my layer panel looks like

image 3

Now, to switch to imageready you will need push this button at the bottom of this panel in photoshop

image 4

Now, in imageready we will open up the animation panel, to do that you need to go into Window> Animation, the animation panel will now be shown.

Okay, in the animation panel select the first frame, and at the bottom of the thumbnail you will see a thing like this 0 sec. then a little black arrow pointing down, click once one the 0 sec. dropdown menu, then you will see some stuff like: No delay, o.1, o.2 etc. Select the 0.1 seconds button. Now, in the animation panel push the new frame button, it looks just like the button in your layer panel. You will see it has copied the first frame, now select the second frame and change the speed to: 0.2

After you have done that (make sure your on the second frame in the animation panel) hide layer: base speaker and show layers: up and side, this is what your layer panel should look like.

image 5

Now, hit play on the animation panel to watch your animation.

Speaker Effect

And that is the end of this tutorial! Thank you for reading!

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