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Time Lapse Conceptual Animation

Start by opening a sky image.

image 1

Create a rectangular selection using rectangular marquee tool towards the left edge.

image 2

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selection in a new layer. Move it to the right edge of the image.

image 3

Press Ctrl+T. Right click the layer and select flip horizontal.

image 4

image 5

Merge both the clouds layer. Select stamp tool (s) and start cloning the area of the joint.

image 6

image 7

Create a duplicate of the sky layer. Move the original layer towards the left and a duplicate towards right.

image 8

Merge both the layers. these steps are essential for creating a seamless loop of the sky animation.

image 9

Insert a clock image in the main file.

image 10

Change the layer mode to linear burn.

image 11

Knock out the hard edges using eraser tool with a soft brush settings.

image 12

Create a selection of the clock hand.

image 13

Press Ctrl+Shift+J to cut and paste the selection in a new layer.

image 14

Clone to fill the cutout and the second hand.

image 15

Unhide the previously hidden clock hand layer.

image 16

Create a duplicate of the hand layer. Press Ctrl+T. Move the anchor point to the center of the hand.

image 17

Rotate the hand 60°.

image 18

Create 4 more duplicates of the hand layer and keep rotating at the 60° increments.

image 19

Open animation window. For the first frame hide all hand layers.

image 20

Duplicate frame. Move the clouds layer towards the left. Take care to move as much as to achieve the initial position of the clouds after movement.

image 21

Click tween button in animation window. Apply settings as shown.

image 22

Select and remove the last frame in animation window.

image 23

Select the first frame. Unhide the original hand layer.

image 24

Select the second frame. Hide the original hand layer and unhide the second duplicate of the hand layer.

image 25

Similarly keep selecting successive frames and hiding/unhiding clock hand layers.

image 26

image 27

image 28

image 29

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to save an optimized animated GIF.

Time Lapse Conceptual Animation

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