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Masking Images Miscellaneous Oct 10, 2006

Step One

Here we will learn how to mask images or you can say how to combine two pictures. Okay, first of all open two images which you want to mask. I will use the pictures below. You are welcome to use them for this tutorial if you want.

image 1

image 2

Step Two

Copy the second picture and paste it on the first picture.

Step Three

Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and change the feather to 30 px. Actually it depends on what size of picture you are using. If you are using larger images you should use more pixel for feather.

image 3

Step Four

Make a selection like below with the Rectangular tool, now

image 4

Step Five

Hit DELETE key of your keyboard and VOILA you masked your images. Here's what I came up with,

Masking Images

You could keep pressing the DELETE key until you see what you expected.

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