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PixelStretching Tutorial

RBP Miscellaneous Dec 17, 2004

1. In this example I used a part from DigitalAbuse's header. It works well for this tutorial because of its' many "objects" and contrasts.

image 1

2. Now let's streeeetch! <-- yea, funny, eh?
You wanna select your single column marquee tool which is located in the same box as the rectangular marquee tool. Create a selection on your image anywhere there are contrasts.

image 2

3. Here comes the "hard" part. Go editable, or scaleable if you like. Now drag the right hand box to the far right and your left hand box to the left to stretch it...

image 3
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4. Now you got something like a really high tech gradient with lots of colors! Pretty easy tutorial, took me about 10 minutes to create. Now it's all up to you. On your image, please don't use my header part as an example, because it is copyrighted to DigitalAbuse and you don't want those "he-is-a-tutorial-ripper" people to go rambo on you.

5. Here's my example. My. Right now it looks really boring, but you can do more to it, I simply just don't care enough to create something leet.

PixelStretching Tutorial

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