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Freeze somebody in carbonite

Freeze somebody into carbonite

1. Open up a picture of someone that you want to freeze into carbonite;

2. First, let me tell you what carbonite is:

Carbonite is some kind of frozen metal that was used to freeze Han Solo in "The Empire Strikes Back".

It looks like a shining metal brick with a human in it...

image 1

3. Cut out the person until you have JUST the body;

image 2

4. Desaturate the layer by pressing CTRL+U and make it black and white;

image 3

5. Duplicate the layer and add certain chrome and plastic filters to it... Just whatever feels better to you (It seriously depends on the picture);

image 4

6. Erase some parts of it (THE HEAD ALSO) and set it to overlay and lower the opacity;

image 5

7. Make the eyes grey so that it looks like nothing's there;

image 6

8. Then add a block behind ALL the layers with the following layer-styles;

image 6

image 8

image 9

image 10

image 11

image 12

image 13

image 14

image 15

image 16

9. Merge all the body-layers and erase some parts so that is looks like the body is coming out of the block;(You can also add a black outer glow if you want)

Freeze Somebody in Carbonite

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