Milky Text Effect

Step 1:
Start by filling the Background with the color #4a7b8d.

image 1

Step 2:
Create the text, I'm using the font "Tiamaria Script", the font size is (257) px, and the color is white (#ffffff).

image 2

Step 3:
Double click on the "Milk" text layer to open the Layer Style box, and insert the values as below:

- For the "Drop Shadow" effect, choose the color #336273, and change the "Spread" value to (15).

image 3

- For the "Inner Shadow", just change the color to #898989.

image 4

- And finally, add a "Bevel and Emboss" effect, change the "Direction" type to "Down", change the "Gloss Contour" type to "Gaussian-Invert", the "Size" value to (9), the "Soften" value to (1), and the "Shadow Mode" color to #8e9598.

image 5

And, we're done!

image 6

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