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Simple Elegant Text Effect Text Effects Feb 28, 2011

Step 1:
Start by filling the Background with the color #7b301c. Create the text you want using the color #e0dfdf. I'm using the font Delicious, and the size is (200) px.

image 1

Step 2:
Double click on the text layer to add the following styles:

- Add a simple "Drop Shadow" to add some depth to the text, use the same color of the Background (#7b301c), and change the "Size" to (3).

image 2

- Add an "Inner Shadow", we will modify it to act as a "glitter" rather than a "shadow", so go ahead and change the "Blend Mode" to "Color Dodge", and change the color to #e0dfdf, change the "Distance" to (0), and finally, the simple trick is to change the "Noise" value to (60), this will create a glitter-like effect.

image 3

- Add and "Inner Glow" to brighten up the text even more, leave the values as they are.

image 4

- Add a "Bevel and Emboss" effect, this will make the text pop a little bit, change the "Size" to (1), the "Gloss Contour" type to "Cove - Deep", and the "Shadow Mode" color to the Background color (#7b301c).

image 5

- Finally, add a "Gradient Overlay", just change the "Blend Mode" to "Overlay".

image 6

And that's it!

image 7

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