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Anime-Text Text Effects Sep 05, 2005

This is really random, but iy gives nice results =)

  • It doesn't really matter what font you use for this one;
  • Place some black text on a desired place;

    image 1

  • Add these layer-styles to it;

    image 2

    image 3

    image 4

  • Now comes the hard part;
  • Select the text by holding CTRL+the Thumbnail and go to EDIT>MODIFY>EXPAND and expand it with 3-4, depending on your text;
  • Fill the open spaces with black and make sure everything is covered;
  • If you really need it, use the Smooth-tutorial to make your edges smoother;

    image 5

  • Merge both layers together and go to EDIT>TRANSFORM>PERSPECTIVE and make sure it looks a bit like mine;

    image 6

  • Now do the same as you may or may have not did in the 3D-tutorial;
  • When you made it look 3d, merge all the 3d-layers and make sure they all have a SOLID BLUE color;

    image 7

  • Add this layer-style;

    image 8

  • And you're done with the random Anime-text...

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