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Embroidery text

lombergar Text Effects Dec 24, 2009

The first thing that we have to do for this tutorial is create a Paint bucket pattern fill for later on.

Make a new canvas 2 pixels x 5 pixels.

image 1


image 2

Go to Select>All, then Edit>Define Pattern.. Give your pattern a name and click OK.

image 3

Main Tutorial:

Next create a new canvas. (Size depends on you, different sizes will have different settings though the tutorial).

I created a quick background layer using a light grey then Filter>Texture>Texturizer with canvas option, and my Text layer.

image 4

image 5

Then right clicking on the text layer select Rasterize type. This option will allow us to edit and use filters on the text.

image 6

With the Text layer still selected go to Filter>Texture>Texturizer

Give it a Sandstone texture with slight scaling and relief.

image 7

Next Duplicate your Text layer and Ctrl+Click on the text layer copy to make a selection (you should see marching-ants around your text now) and go to Select>Modify>Contract.

image 8

The Size of the Contract will depend on your Font/Document size. Add just a slight Contract.

image 9

It should look similar to this.

image 10

Now go to Select>Inverse to inverse your selection and click Delete.

image 11

After that select your layer options (small f on the bottom of your layer palette) and choose Bevel and Emboss.

image 12

Make your Depth and Size a low percent and a higher Soften effect.

image 13


image 14

Now back to your original text layer, Ctrl+Click on it so that its selected, then create a new layer.

image 15

On the new layer go to Edit>Stroke

image 16

Give your selection a Slight outside stroke

The stroke size will also depend on your Font/Document Size.

image 17

After you have your stroke, go to Windows>Channels.

This is where the Pattern fill in the beginning of the tutorial comes in.

Create a new channel layer (alpha 1). and choose your Fill Paint Bucket, with a Pattern fill option, Select your Pattern selection that we created earlier. Fill the new Channel layer with this pattern.

image 18

Then Ctrl+Click on the Alpha Channel to select it, and Switch back to your Layers Palette and click on the layer we added the stroke to, and Press Delete

image 19

Your results should look similar like this.

image 20


For thinner or thicker lines create a different size Fill Pattern.

For Vertical Lines Rotate your Fill Pattern then Define Pattern. And Create a 2nd layer Stroke with a new Alpha Channel.

For Logos/Borders Make sure each part of the logo is a different layer

Embroidery Text

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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