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Glowing Text for your Learning

EZPhotoshop Text Effects Nov 26, 2007

Step 1. To start off , make a new Photoshop document with a black background. Make a new layer set which we will create all the layers in. Create some large, brown (7B572F) thick text. I've used 150pt BorisBlackBloxx, but you can use any thick font, such as Arial Black. Make a selection using the text and then expand (select > modify > expand) it by by 7 pixels. Fill a new layer with a darker brown (4B350C).

image 1

image 2

Step 2. Contract (select > modify > contract) the selection by 5 pixels and fill a new layer with 653201.

image 3

Step 3. This is the 2nd part of this Photoshop tutorial. Feather (select > feather) and contract the selection by 7 pixels and delete the area that's selected. Create radial gradient on a new layer, using light grey for the foreground and black for the background.

image 4

image 5

Step 4. Duplicate the gradient and then use the transform tool to stretch it vertically.

image 6

image 7

Step 5. Change the blending mode of the stretched gradient to "color dodge", duplicate it and move it over to the right.

image 8

image 9

{mosgoogle}Step 6. Change the orginal gradient's blending mode to color dodge and duplicate the stretched one again. Use the transform tool to rotate it (image b).

image 10

image 11

Step 7. Make a duplicate for the other side

image 12

Step 8. This is the final part of this Photoshop tutorial. Next, merge the layer set (layer > merge layer set) into a single layer and duplicate it (image b)

image 13

image 14

Step 9. Adjust the levels of the duplicate (top) layer, by bringing the right side point in a bit. This should increase the glow of the layer.

image 15

image 16

Step 10. Next, open the Photoshop file in Image Ready. Name the top layer "1st layer" and the bottom one "2nd layer". Set the 1st frame to have a delay or 0.1 seconds and change the opacity of "1st layer" to 0%. Create a second frame and change the opacity of "1st frame" to 50%. For the 3rd frame adjust the opacity to 100% and the 4th to 50%. 

image 17

image 18

Step 11. Save the file as .gif (file > save optimized as), bringing us to the end of this Photoshop tutorial:

Glowing Text

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