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Google Text (Exclusive Tutorial)

Max Text Effects Sep 25, 2006

I'm sure all of you know the most popular tutorial ever - Google logo looks very cool and easily sticks to memory. In this tutorial I'll try to describe how to create this logo.

Create a new 400x400 document. Select Text tool (T) and type Google in the center of a page. I used Catull font. This is a commercial font and it is used in the Google logo. You can use Google search engine to find out where it can be bought. Alternatively you make use of free Times New Roman font.

image 1

Place the logo in the center of a page. To do this you should select both layers - background and text layer, then select Move tool (V) and click centering buttons

image 2

Now you have to paint letters - the first and forth are blue, the second and sixth are red, the third is yellow and the fifth - green.

Select Text tool and highlight the first letter (G) from the text. Open Character panel (Window-Character), and type the following color value #3665F0. Do the same for the forth letter (g).

image 3

Now highlight the second letter (first o) and paint it with #FE2000 color. Do the same for the last letter (e).

image 4

Highlight the third letter (second o) and paint it with #FADA2A color.

image 5

And finally, highlight the fifth letter (l) and paint it with #40CC00 color.

image 6

Even now our logo looks very similar to the original and due to its coloring it is well recognizable. All we have to do is to add some shadow, bevel and emboss.

Open Blending Options of a text layer and specify the following values for Drop Shadow (Layer>Layer Style>Drop Shadow):

image 7

Then use Bevel and Emboss (Layer>Layer Style>Bevel and Emboss)

image 8

Then use Contour

image 9

In the end it should look something like this:

Google Text (Exclusive Tutorial)

Now our logo is difficult to distinguish from the original one - well, only if you put them together and compare :)

You can use such technique for creating any texts by simple painting of words and adding different Blending Options to a text layer. Good luck!.

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