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Hippie Wood Text

Hey hey worldwide people, having fun?, alright today we are going to make a very very nice Hippie Wood Text.

The whole effect is actually based on a font called LMS Hippy Chick (you are going to see why on the next screen caps), so you HAVE to get the font (of course for FREE) here!

Anyway is an awesome result and it totally worth it, so let's begin!

Step 1:

Create a new White Background 500x250 pixels document, here the size it's not a big deal so you can make it on a Bigger or Smaller canvas, BUT REMEMBER!, on Photoshop bigger is better.

Step 2:

Select your Horizontal Type Tool, you can find it on the Tool's menu, and of course select our nice font called LMS Hippy Chick (mandatory).

image 1

Write your desired text, we have written "Wood"

image 2

Step 3:

Hold Ctrl and click on your text layer icon (see screen cap bellow), this must select your text shape:

image 3

Step 4:

Now pick two nice colors for your wood effect, we have chosen a light brown for the Foreground (6e523f), and a darker one for the Background (472007).

image 4

Step 5:

Go to Filter - Render - Fibers...

image 5

And put the following values to Fibers window...

image 6

Now you got this cool result, but hey it isn't that hippie uh? well... the tutorial is not over yet!

image 7

Step 6:

Hold Shift + Ctrl + N (new layer), and name it "Colors".

image 8

Now move your new "Colors" layer above the "Wood" layer (just drag it with the mouse).

image 9

Step 7:

Select the Brush Tool...

image 10

And now in the "Colors" layer, paint your flowers with the brush and different colors, pretty easy because you are painting on the "Colors" layer and it's behind the text itself so you can do it very quickly.

image 11

We are using these colors if you are guessing:

Green: # 62bd19

Light Blue: # 5bc8e6

Pink: # efc3e4

Fucsia: # e50f9f

Yellow: # ffd600

Step 8:

Now Right Click on your "Wood" layer and select Blending Options.

We are going to use just, Drop Shadow and Stroke, watch carefully for the settings:

Drop Shadow:

image 12


image 13

The pattern that we are using it's called Nebula, you can find it under the "Patterns" group.

Note: If you can't find the Pattern just click on the Pattern Menu and select the little right arrow...

image 14

Now select the Patterns options and DONE! Your Nebula must be there.

Ok now your Hippie Wood Text it's all done, it's going to look like this great uh?

Hippie Wood Text

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