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Image Inside Text Text Effects Nov 11, 2005

In this tutorial you will learn how to add images to simple text fonts with a few simple and very basic steps.

1. Open the image that you want to use for this tutorial. Then create another document keeping the image document opened. The new blank document should be about 300 width and 100 height depending on the size of your font.

2. Now write your text:
image 1
3. Click on the right-side bar.

image 2

4. Now right click on the image 3, choose Select Layer Transparency and your text will look something like mine.

image 4

5. Now go to the image that you started with at the begining (the image that you're going to add to the text). Select the full area of your image and go back to the text document ( it should still look the same, with the dotted lines around it). Now all you have select Edit > Paste. Now add a simple stroke and you're done.

Image Inside Text

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